About Luxborough

Luxborough is a beautiful Exmoor village comprising the hamlets of Churchtown, Kingsbridge and Pooltown. There are approximately ninety households and about 200 inhabitants.

Cooksley Memorial Quiz

Sat 21st November 2015 - Village Hall, 7.30pm. Teams of 4 arranged in advance or on the night. 2.50 entrance fee. Cash prize. Wining Team holds Cup for a year. There is a licensed bar but no food so bring your own nibbles/feast.

Please email your information

The information on this web site is obtained by typing it up from the Parish magazine. This seems a waste of time since the majority now have computers and email.

So if you have information you'd like to impart PLEASE email it to penny at this web site.

Under development

26 February 2016 - The information on this web site is currently being redeveloped. The main events and church information are present. Please revisit soon.

June 2013

Service Sun 3 June 11am and Jubilee flowers

Do visit St Mary's church and enjoy the flowers. But if you can't here are a few pictures of the arrangements by Kathleen Scott(sorry for the omission), Ann White, Jennifer Duke, Barbara Burridge, Betty Bown, Sue Whalley, Lizzie Higson and Pat Watts here.

SuperFast Luxborough - What's Happening ?

Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS), in partnership with the Exmoor National Park Authority (ENPA), is in the process of commissioning a survey of Exmoor with a company called Airband, the purpose being to provide superfast broadband to Exmoor (and also Dartmoor) which are deemed beyond the reach of fibre broadband.

There is considerable concern since previous wireless suppliers have failed to make wireless economically viable - leading to the demise of wireless on the moor, including Luxborough's Community Broadband Project which finally lost its wireless backhaul earlier this year after 10 years.

Nigel Duke is leading a campaign to get BT to bring fibre broadband to Luxborough - arguing that the cost per household is similar to that proposed plan for Airband wireless from CDS and ENPA and that it is far more likely to be reliable and provide longevity than yet another wireless project.

Recently another wireless/satellite project in Luxborough (under the aegis of ENPA and Somerset County Council) has failed to deliver a satisfactory solution. Businesses and home users desperately want a fast, reliable broadband service which will still be here in another 10 years time. We will attempt to report more on the campaign .